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About Seneca Performance

The team at Seneca Performance have identified a major gap between elite sport and elite business which if bridged could potentially unlock a new level of wellness and performance.

Elite business and elite sports are the same. Both include talented individuals who have the ability to produce outstanding results and have the potential to generate significant revenue. 

While the rewards are high, the emotional and physical demands are extreme. 

But there is a massive difference between elite sport and business

The office-athlete

When you look at big-sport such as tennis, golf or premiership football, for example, you have talented individuals capable of elite performance and significant revenue generation. The players have coaches, trainers, nutritionists, physios, sports scientists, psychologists…the list goes on. 

Sport knows - to get the best out of their athletes they require elite-level support to produce the marginal gains that lead to victory.

What’s the difference between the athlete and the business professional?

When you compare elite athletes and elite business professionals such as broker, traders, law professionals, underwriters, recruitment, sales ... the list. goes on and one - you realise all are capable of performances that generate significant revenues.

The massive difference between the two is that elite athletes have a whole support crew to help them perform at their absolute best.

Whereas most elite business professionals have nothing. Zip. Zero.

This can’t be right.

You might be thinking, yes, but a professional footballer or athlete’s dreams are more important. 

I want to challenge this thinking - Why is winning a trophy or a medal any more important than a broker trying to be no1, or a trader trying to make p&l, or a CEO aiming to grow the business? 

When you think about it, there is no difference. 

If you peel back the layers and ask an athlete why they want to win gold, as I have done on many occasions, you always end up in the same place - to be fulfilled and happy.

When you ask most elite business professionals the same question, they also end up in the exact same place - to be fulfilled and happy.

So there is no difference between the trader and the professional athlete or footballer.

So why are we not giving elite business professionals the same support we give athletes? 

In our opinion, it’s simply been overlooked by the business community, until now. As soon as I sit down with the c-suite or CEO’s and vocalise the comparison almost everyone agrees - we should treat our top talent like office-athletes.

Furthermore, elite business performers have longer careers than athletes and are capable of even more revenue generation. So it makes perfect sense to help traders stay healthier, last longer in their careers and keep them with the company as long as possible while giving them the skills to stay healthy, vibrant, motivated, happy and performing at a top-level.

Markets are ever more competitive, so my argument is, can you afford not to support your team like office-athletes and just imagine the advantage you would gain if you were one of the first businesses to train, coach and support your teams?

Meet The Team

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Christian Daily MSc - Lead elite physiology coach

Christian is a former professional footballer who captained both Scotland and Westham United. After completing a degree in sports exercise and science, Christian applied his techniques to track athletes with stunning results. Christian is widely recognised as one of the most influential thinkers within elite physiological performance.

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Emma Prideaux - Senior elite physiology coach

Emma has spent 5 years of training with Christain as an elite coach. Emma’s athletics career started aged 40 at which point she could barely run 5k. After studying with Christian and adopting his methodology, Emma, now 46, is one of the top 5 female long-distance runners in the UK - running 2:52 marathon. She represents team GB within her age category and if her marathon times continue she will enter the hall of fame for the fastest ever marathon for her age. 

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Andy Ramage MSc - CEO & lead performance architect 

Andy is in a unique position having worked as a broker for 15 years and having co-founded his own successful brokerage Aalpha Energy. So he fully understands the performance demands on traders.

Andy is also one of the few performance coaches to hold an MSc in positive psychology & coaching psychology and is due to start his PhD in September 2020. He is a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a mindfulness-based awareness coach, and the author of two best-selling books. 

The combination of his education and background as a professional footballer and entrepreneur with has made Andy a world’s leading behavioural change expert and performance coaches.

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