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Andy Ramage




Seneca Performance: Applying the science of positive psychology to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of individuals & organisations to improve performance in both business and life. 


Seneca Performance offers a range of services all designed to improve mental health, wellbeing and performance in both business and life. 

Run workshops & consult on mental health & performance

Deliver talks to inspire enhanced performance

Mental Health First Aid Training 

Group coaching and 1:1 coaching with our elite performance coaches

At Seneca, we leverage the brilliant science of positive psychology to infuse our workshops, consultancy and training.


Our mission is to help individuals & organisations achieve elite performance by improving their mental health and overall wellbeing. 


Our consultants are all Master's Degree Qualified in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, making them some of the world's leading experts on performance and mental health.

Create bespoke programmes to train coaches to meet the needs of your organisation

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