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Seneca’s founder, Andy Ramage has a unique background and education that has placed him in the world’s top few mental health performance coaches and consultants. 


Andy is one of the only people globally who has performed at the top level in sport, traditional business, and entrepreneurship while being educated to a master's degree level in positive psychology and coaching psychology. Andy is also a mindfulness-based awareness coach and master practitioner of NLP.  Andy created the broking franchise Alpha Energy, and is the co-founder of OneYearNoBeer, the Dryy app, founder of Seneca Performance and Arete Coach as well as a major shareholder director of ‘Empower Sports Agency’ empowering athletes to become the CEO of their talent. 


Andy has published two books, ‘The 28-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge’ & ‘Let’s Do This: How To Use Motivational Psychology To Transform Your Life.’ His TEDx talk “The Pill WIll Make You Limitless’ has been viewed almost 100,000 times. Andy has also appeared on some of the top podcasts in the world including the Rich Roll Podcast & The Dry Rangan Chatterjee Podcast Live More, Feel Better podcast. 


Andy founded Seneca Performance in 2019 after feeling frustrated that brokers, traders and other top business professionals were not receiving the same level of support as many of the professional athletes he coached. 


If we contrast the premiership footballers Andy currently coaches with most business professionals, footballers have a plethora of support from sports scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, conditioning coaches, coaches, managers and masseurs.




Because sport, which is always ahead of business in terms of performance, knows that elite athletes perform better when mentally and physically stronger.


Why does sport care so much?


Because happy, healthy athletes perform better, which means improved results and more revenue.



Many of these business professionals, just like athletes are capable of performance that can generate significant revenue, And they, on the whole, have ZERO support. Nothing... Business, therefore, is missing a vital element of performance. Better mental and physical health = better performance. The science of positive psychology has transformed the way we look at success. For years we’ve had the happiness formula the wrong way round that - believing that success leads to happiness. Now we know unequivocally through science that improved mental and physical well-being leads to more success in business and life. Therefore imagine the health and performance wins organisations would gain if they started to leverage the power of optimal mental health.


The Seneca team have created various products and resources to help optimise mental health, wellbeing and performance including workshops, talks and coaching designed to help the organisation become more resilient, healthier & happier. The most popular is Andy’s world-class 6 weeks Executive Athlete programme. 


Positive Psychology has clearly demonstrated the power of improved health and performance. Therefore, what could it be worth to your organisation in terms of retention, longevity, health, fewer sick days, less presenteeism, and overall improved performance and revenue generation if your teams were mentally healthier and stronger?


SARAH CHAMBERLAIN - Sarah draws upon a 20-year career in Education and Executive leadership, including an Assistant/Vice Principalship of a large further education college and Directorship of an English Language College. In pursuit of her love of Positive Psychology and the development of others, Sarah undertook a Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, specialising in the field of shame resilience. Harnessing her experience of leading, teaching, learning design and helping others to overcome barriers to self-development and learning, Sarah now heads up The Arete Way Coaching Course. A lover of nature, Sarah is often found walking on the South Downs with her dog and now growing family.

NAOMI MORGAN - Naomi has an extensive background in Psychology, initially studying it at degree level and going on to have a successful 15 year career in Education as Head of Psychology, before going on to complete a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, specialising in resilience training. Naomi now holds the position of European Head of Arete Coach, where she thrives on leading and developing courses whilst also supporting and nurturing adult learners. In addition to this, Naomi has a successful track record in Executive coaching, helping professionals to perform at an elite level to achieve goals they thought were out of their reach. Living in Spain, Naomi is often found hiking mountains or coastal paths in the sunshine with her dog Frankie in tow.  
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