The Office-Athlete LIVE course IS SOLD OUT!!!

That was quick less than 10 minutes

Based on this I will run another course very soon. So keep your eyes out. And thank you so much for showing interest in training with me!

Join Andy and a group of like minded office-athletes for a coaching program that has the potential to transform your career, health and happiness by rewriting the rules of success. 

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The office-athlete is for you...

If you want to achieve more but also feel healthy, fit, vibrant, energised and happy

If you're feeling a bit meh, and want more from this short and precious life 

If you want to stop being so hard on yourself, and enjoy what you have achieved

If you want to understand how your brain works

If you want to understand exactly how habits work

If you want to give back to others as a route to lasting meaning and purpose

If you want to learn how to manage your inner self-talk to support you, rather than hold you back

If you want to learn about the science of wellbeing and achievement 

If you want more meaning and purpose

If you want to get super fit and healthy and find time to power up your career and life

If you want to enjoy your relationships more

If you want to build a foundation of happiness

If you feel tired and want more energy

If you often feel stressed and overwhelmed and want to find calm but still achieve

If you want to enjoy the challenge of life right now in this moment and are no longer willing to gamble your happiness on some future success that might never happen

If you feel the current success model of (hard work + achievement = happiness) is letting you down

If you want to re-write the your own version of success with health and happiness as foundation of your best-self

In summary if you want to learn how to be a little bit better then the office-athlete is for you

Summary of what you get

Year long access to the ground breaking Office-Athlete Course

A new video and worksheet for every working day for 6 weeks

35+ videos and worksheets

Exclusive access to a private online community of your fellow office-athletes

LIVE reflections/meditations

LIVE Yoga 

Daily accountability and coaching with Andy via your exclusive group

Weekly LIVE ZOOM group coaching call with Andy and your fellow office-athletes

*All LIVE ZOOM’s are recorded and shared so if you miss a session you can watch on catch up

**Weekly LIVE ZOOMS take place at 12 midday (BST) starting on Monday the 7th of September for 6 weeks

What you will learn

There are 6 and 6 LIVE talks, which correspond to a new learning topic. Each zone and talk builds on the next gradually moving your skillset from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Live ZOOM talk 1 - The rise of the office-athlete

During this introduction talk, you will discover a new definition of success as defined by positive psychology that’s based on science and happiness! 

Learning zone 1 - The 6 skills of the office-athlete 

The 6 skills create the foundation of the office athlete. The skills include: Optimising sleep, quality nutrition, moving your body the right way, reducing or removing alcohol, finding quiet time and most importantly nurturing relationships.

live ZOOM talk 2 - Master your habits, master your life

If you show up, you will learn so much. So we start the course with the science of habit formation so you can create the habit of learning required to get the most from this course.

Learning zone 2 - The user manual for your brain

During zone 2 you will learn how your brain works in the real world. You will also be introduced to your two brains - The primitive brain and the rational brain and discover that the secret to a life well-lived is to manage your primitive brain with your rational brain.

Live ZOOM talk 3 - The 10x accountability centre 

Accountability is king. During this session, you will learn how to create your own personal accountability centre that will hold you accountable to your dreams. And there is a BIG bonus that Andy will tell you about during this session!

Learning zone 3 - The goals plunger 

In zone 3 you will discover a system called the goals plunger that will help you find the perfect goal for you.

Live ZOOM talk 4 - How to crush your limiting beliefs

We all carry so many beliefs that hold us back, in this talk, you will learn how to spot your limiting beliefs and then transform them into helpful ones!

Learning zone 4 - Whether you believe you can or can’t you’re right

Whether you believe you can or you can’t you’re right. The life you lead is a reflection of the beliefs you hold. During zone 3 you will learn how to transform your beliefs to transform your career, life and happiness.

Live ZOOM talk 5 - How motivation changes

Motivation changes and the key to reaching your best-self is to understand how motivation really works and to change with it!

Learning zone 5 - Eat the marshmallows

During zone 4 you will learn why a well-know study that wants you to ‘not’ eat the marshmallows is totally misleading. You will learn that long term consistent motivation is created by small wins or when you “eat”t the metaphorical marshmallows!

Live ZOOM talk 6 - Behind the mountains are more mountains 

In this final talk, Andy will give you a glimpse of the bigger adventure that awaits us all. This is not the end but the start of something special. 

Learning zone 6 - Recover like an athlete 

Ask any real athlete whats the most important part of their day and they will say - recovery. It’s the same for the office-athlete. Learning how to recover in the right way will make a massive difference to your performance, health and happiness.

Here's why you can do it

The office-athlete is a mindset not a look. It is for everyone who wants to be a little better in their career and life. Whether you’re a full time parent, entrepreneur, business professional or CEO this course is for you.

Each of the 5 weekly videos will average around 10 mins. And you will have the time, as many of the skills you will learn are designed to give you more time back.

Nothing will be too advanced, and every learning point is simplified so anyone can understand the principles. So the office-athlete is for all skill levels.

While the full in-person Seneca Performance Program investment is £4-5000 per head, this online LIVE version “The Office-Athlete Program” is just £149 for the full 6 weeks. My mission was to make this course a no brainer for anyone who wants to find more meaning whilst advancing their career and life.

If for some reason you don’t enjoy the course, drop me Andy an email [email protected] and he will refund you. So its a free go.

If you’re really struggling due to job loss… drop the team an email [email protected] and we will do our best to sort something for you.

BONUS - FREE 28-day Master Class Online Course

At the end of your 6 week course you will unlock another 28-day master class based on my latest book - Let's Do This!.

You will be able to apply all your learning from the office-athlete to take on your achieve one of your top goals every 28-day using the methods in the 28-day master class online course.